Powerbeck Fitness Gym 217C Wigan Road Leigh, Lancashire WN7 5DW Mon - Fri: 6 - 10 / Sat: 8-4 / Sun: 10-4

Powerbeck deliver impacting training solutions

We aren't trying to sell you the solution, we are the solution and if you choose to invest in us then we are happy to offer help and advice where required, don't think we are going to do this for you because we can't, no-one can, if you want to change yourself then we are here for you.

Powerbeck is a gym with all you need to make an impact on yourself with all the help and knowledge anyone needs to just become healthier and fitter, stronger and better than you are now.

We belive in the results our members show every day they train, in the attitudes of our members and the belief that we are the best gym in the Northwest, fact!


In Fitness and In Health

Who we are

Powerbeck have been building bodies and helping to make communities healthier for the past 2 decades.

Our Mission

We want to help people become healthier in mind and body and help create a stronger fitter community.

Our Vision

Educating our members who wish to learn will help spread the word and create a stronger healthier world.

We Have The Right Equipment and Trainers

Quality Equipment
Our equipment is used by some of the most successful body builders in the world.
Personal Trainers
Our trainers are extremely experienced, knowledgeable and have proven track records.
Training Early & Late
Our gym is open from 6am until 10pm Mon-Fri and 8am-4pm at weekends, no excuses.