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Spinning Classes

Spin classes are one of our most popular services here at Powerbeck.


If you are looking for a surefire way to get fit again and burn fat then believe us this is for you. We know how daunting it can be, we were unfit once, but through determination and effort you build a stronger self motivation and will begin to change the way your inner core works, you will start to crave exercise, your energy levels will begin to increase, concentration and a better body clock will turn your life around.

Our Spin classes are available Tuesday's and Thursday's from 6:30pm and Saturday morning at 8:30 and they run for 45 minutes, classes consist of up to 12 people and it does not matter what level you are just get on your bike, set-up and start, once you feel the burn you are already on the road to a better, stronger and fitter you. Every day will get better and better, within a month you will have felt the benefits massively, within 2 months you will find it so much easier, within 3 months you are already onto the next level and a road to a body and a fitness level most people think is not possible. Through determination, sweat and at times tears you will come through the other side faster stronger and fitter then you have felt in a long time, then all you have to do is keep it up and in 99% of cases your eating habits and lifestyle will naturally change as your body does.

Our "spinmasters" Paul Crook (pictured below)and Craig Greenwood are fantastic coaches and will bring the best out in you, our spin team often run back to back classes and live for spinning, get on your bike and start pushing yourself forward and forget the past.

Spin for a better you!